K2 (4-5 years)


It’s the second year of kindergarten! We get them ready for the years ahead.

When you walk into one of our K2 classrooms, you’ll see artwork and writing displayed around the room. Labels are everywhere to help kids connect letters with words.

Everyone belongs in our circle

We build warm, welcoming, and supportive classrooms for children of all abilities, backgrounds, and experiences.

Explore the K2 classroom

Take a look at how we set up our classroom for prekindergartners. It’s organized for their age and stage of learning and development.


Inside a K2 day

Our K2 classroom will follow a daily schedule. No matter what play and learning activities they’re engaged in, preschoolers always come together for group time, to play outside, and to enjoy healthy meals with one another.

K2 curriculum

In K2, your child will deepen their knowledge in language, math, science, English, and social skills. We meet every child where they are, so children of all abilities, including English-language learners, will learn at their own pace, in their own way.


K2 classroom activities

Every day, our creative teachers guide our K2 classes through fun activities that are just right for their age. Here are just a few examples!

Development Milestones

Our teachers are constantly monitoring the development of our children, which we will compare to a set of standard development milestones for each age range. We design activities based on these milestones and we want our activities to be ideal for the age group, that’s why we set such specific learning milestones.